About us

Bulgar-Tour - the official hajj-operator of the Central

First of all , we are a company whose founder is the Central Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia - a permanent member of the Hajj Council under the Government of the Russian Federation since its inception. TsDUM Russia has its own quota for its pilgrims.

Secondly , our team is fully comprised of the current employees of the TsDUM of Russia, its regional ecclesiastical departments and the staff of the Russian Islamic University TsDUM of Russia. That is, the employees of Bulgar-Tur are the leading staff of the TsDUM of Russia, our muftis, akhunds and imams, as well as deans and taught RIU and our madrasas in Bashkortostan and other regions of Russia. Our team has many years of experience in organizing the Hajj as part of the tour operators we have accredited earlier.

Thirdly , the reason for creating our own Haj-Operator was our extreme interest in the reliability and quality of the Hajj organization for the parishioners of our mosques, with whom we communicate daily, teach, conduct our rituals and holidays, and are simply friends. TsDUM Russia has been organizing the Hajj of Russian Muslims since 1991. After the creation of the Hajj Council in 2002, it was decided to delegate the Hajj organization to tour operators accredited by members of the Hajj Council (spiritual departments). Unfortunately, this practice has not always been successful due to bad faith or not professionalism of third-party tour operators.

Bulgar-Tour - the official hajj-operator of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia!